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Top 6 Authorized Internet Gambling Sites in New Jersey

Internet gambling sites are a sight to behold in New Jersey. Being one of the most prosperous states in terms of casino facilities, New Jersey has its fair share of internet gambling sites.

Although the history of online gambling legalities in New Jersey can be a bit complicated, the challenges that were faced up until now led to the rise of many notable sites.

So today, we will talk about six of the most popular internet gambling sites in New Jersey that you’ll surely take interest in.


The company that made 888casino was introduced to us in 1997. That company is named Virtual Holdings Ltd.

Although the company itself is not as popular, 888casino is known to almost every casino lover.

888casino has a wide game selection and they offer bonuses for newcomers as well. This is what makes the site very prominent to casino goers.

Golden Nugget

Our second entry is the Golden Nugget. Although the site is not particularly famous, yet, it is still a website made and operated in Atlantic City, which is a famous land-based casino destination in New Jersey.

It offers a lot of games belonging to different types. There are also a lot of slot games to choose from.

Also, Golden Nugget just launched their very own live dealer games.


Pokerstars, although the name suggests otherwise, is a casino site with more casino games than you think. They not only offer the best poker games but also slots from international gaming brands.

Newcomers also have the chance to receive welcome bonuses from Pokerstars.

Since the website is licensed, there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of their bonuses.


Unibet is a casino that was established the same year as 888casino, 1997. However, it was after the creation of the 888casino site that the casino site of Unibet was created.

Regardless, it is still an internet gambling site worth mentioning.

The site offers hundreds of games from international brands. They also hold many events such as jackpots, tournaments, and more.


Tropicana, with its sister site Virgin Online Casino, is one of the few high-quality gaming sites you can find that is operated in New Jersey.

It is also a member of the famous Atlantic City, which might also be one of the reasons why it became famous in a short period.

Just like others, the site offers lots of games and bonuses.


Our last entry in this list is Borgata. Although it’s not as popular as the others, it is still one of the most reliable casinos in New Jersey.

They have attractive and profitable games consisting of table games, slot machines, and more. In addition to that, they also have video casino games and live dealer casinos.

Although each of these internet gambling sites is different in their own ways, all of them can compete with each other. And it’s important to keep that in mind before you choose which you’d prefer.

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