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Do you want to see your work featured here at NRBP? Do you want to follow our footsteps and help visitors of NRBP know more about the casino industry in New Jersey?

If so, then continue reading so you may learn how you can get involved with and contribute to NRBP.

What are we looking for?

NRBP is looking for newsworthy stories to feature in our blog.

We develop articles that have gone through a long process and we intend to continue doing so. We look for stories that are daring and are characterized by excellence, innovation, and authenticity.

Since we are eager to feature only interesting stories, we will help you regardless of how you present your story.

What an NRBP Blog Post Looks Like

The stories that we accept here at NRBP are those that are specially made for fans of casinos and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. These stories are also relevant to the recent trends in the casino industry.

If you think you have a story like that, then check out what kinds of stories we accept.


We welcome any kind of news that you can bring, as long as it is related to the casino industry or the Casino Control Commission of New Jersey.


If you have recommendations for your fellow casino lovers, feel free to send them to us so we may help you share your recommendations. However, remember that we will first check if your recommendations are all licensed and authorized.

How to Submit an Article

To submit an article, you can simply send us a message of your query on our Contact page. We will take the initiative to ask for your story then.