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NRBP is a blog about casino legalities that are upheld by the Casino Control Commission in New Jersey.

We are based in Missouri.

We collaborate with different organizations to provide sufficient information to our visitors about the casino industry. We specialize in gathering and distributing information about the legalities of casino gambling in New Jersey.

Who We Are

NRBP is composed of a team of experts in strategy, newswriting, data gathering, and more.

As a blog about casinos, our team makes sure that we are knowledgeable about the happenings in the casino industry, particularly in New Jersey.

We have years of experience in this field of expertise.

We hope to continue improving our knowledge to give you, our visitors, a better experience and benefit more from reading this blog.

Meet Our Founder

NRBP would not exist without our founder, Uriel Tanner.

Uriel Tanner is a casino expert that, just like the rest of the team, has years of experience in the said field of expertise.

He lives in Springfield, Missouri and thus, created this blog in the same state.

Uriel is responsible for bringing ideas to reality for clients that want to improve the world of casinos. His work is recognized by big shots in the industry and he continues to do so by continuing to make contributions.

One of his many projects is the NRBP blog, which continues to grow as time passes by.


NRBP was created in the year 2019 with the intent to create a blog that will have a long-lasting influence on our visitors.

Through the years that NRBP operated, we’ve always served diligently and provided information that is never-before-seen even on the internet.

We will continue doing this so that you too may have no difficulty learning more about the casino industry in the future, given that you’ve put the effort into reading our blog.

What We Do

We at NRBP are responsible for providing reliable and useful information about casinos in New Jersey.

We specialize in providing news, updates, and other information about the political side of the casino industry in New Jersey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our visitors are not kept in the shadows as they learn more about every aspect of the casino industry in New Jersey.

If you think this blog was made for you, feel free to subscribe to us here at NRBP so you can be updated on the latest additions to our blog.